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Exploring humanity’s capacity to engineer the impossible in a bid to more than survive – but to thrive.

Television Series

BIG SCIENCE disrupts science programming by infiltrating the front line.

BIG SCIENCE is a groundbreaking documentary series that takes viewers behind-the-scenes with exclusive access to the world’s biggest science facilities.

From isolated and restricted locations, we document critical moments in cutting-edge research and feats of engineering led by the planet’s top scientists and supported by crews of skilled tradespeople.


You don’t need a Ph.D. to work in the fields of science.

Science studies are not the only option. Large-scale scientific research needs brilliant scientists, but it also needs talented technicians, engineers, programmers, builders, plumbers, welders, transportation specialists, and dozens of other skilled workers.

BIG SCIENCE provides a gateway to an exciting career in science through educational materials that help students learn what it takes to make science happen, and the work opportunities at big science research facilities.

Green Bank Pictures

We make documentaries that make a difference in society.

Award-winning Executive Producers Steven Mitchell and Al Magee formed Green Bank Pictures to tell stories that will change the world.

Through a commitment to accuracy and building trust with scientists and technicians, Green Bank Pictures broadens its audience’s idea of what it takes to work in the field of scientific research.